Monday, April 10, 2006

JBoss not Fusion-ized

Despite Larry Ellison's attempts in the past, it is now safe to say that JBoss will not be Fusion-ized: today the news was announced that RedHat has acquired the open source application server producer for 350 million dollar.

When Ellison attempted to buy JBoss earlier this year, they boldly stated they were not for sale. However, RedHat succeeded in acquiring the open source company.
I think this news will create some disruption in the open source world, as RedHat competitor Novell uses JBoss database software in its Linux distribution Suse, a key competitor for the RedHat Linux distribution. However, as JBoss is open source of course Novell will still be able to use it, but the open source model sure can create some peculiar situations, especially as at some points a product / project is acquired by a vendor.

So it is now up to RedHat to make a tasty fusion of RedHat and JBoss capabilities. And Oracle will probably target Zend even more after failing to acquire JBoss.

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